El Prez: Your Premium Destination for Pacific Beach Dining

A Pacific Beach Restaurant with a View

In the heart of Pacific Beach, where the sun kisses the waves, you’ll find El Prez. Your premium destination to drink, eat and party in San Diego. Among the many Pacific Beach restaurants, El Prez stands out seamlessly blending the vibrant flavors of Mexico with the unmatched beauty of a waterfront view. We invite you to savor every bite, sip, and enjoy yourself in a wonderful dining experience that El Prez provides. Whether you are a San Diego local or visiting for the first time, we are the perfect spot to visit.

Pacific beach with waterview

A Waterview Like No Other

At El Prez we promise you an experience. Imagine yourself savoring a delicious al pastor taco on a nice sunny day hearing the soothing sounds of waves sipping on a nice cold beer. That is exactly what you will experience at our Pacific Beach restaurant. A sensory experience like no other that heightens the flavors on your plate creating the perfect atmosphere to unwind and relax. Enjoy a nice meal at our Pacific Beach restaurant with an open-air deck with a stunning Waterview.

Perfect For Every Occasion

Our Pacific Beach restaurant is perfect for every occasion. Whether that is a lunch with friends or an intimate dinner with your loved one as the stars twinkle above the water. Our waterfront restaurant will make every visit one to remember. Let the Pacific Ocean becoming your dining companion at El Prez.


Don’t take our word for it though. Read what Maria Desiderata Montana had to say about El Prez yourself. Like Maria states, our restaurant has become popular with the locals and visitors alike. Search up “Pacific Beach restaurants” or “Pacific Beach bars” or “Pacific Beach restaurants with Waterview” and El Prez is right there. So look no further and visit us today!

Our hours are as follows, Monday-Thursday 12pm-12am, Friday 12pm-2am, Saturday 11am-2am and Sunday 11am-12am. To view our menus click here. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (858)750-2512 or email us at info@elprezpb.com.